Lord Belial - Angel Grinder (No Fashion)
LORD BELIALs fjärde skiva "ANGELGRINDER" visar upp ett av Sveriges mest extrema BLACK METAL band. Inspelad tillsammans med Andy LaRoque i Los Angered Studios. 10 spår fyllda av HAT & BLOD!
Bered er på "barnförbjuden" scenshow!!!!

Lord Belial was formed in 1992 by Thomas (guitars/vocals), Micke (drums), Anders (bass) & Niclas (guitars). The first official recording by Lord Belial was called "The Art Of Dying",and contained seven tracks. In 1994, Lord Belial recorded their second demo "Into The Frozen Shadows", a more well-produced tape with many melodic flute-lines. It was this demo that got them a record-deal on No Fashion label.

The debute album "Kiss the Goat" was recorded in studio Soundfront, Uppsala, 21/11-30/11, 1994. Its release was delayed by the incompetent manufacturing of the cover, which at first was totally pink! The first 1000 copies were burnt! Then, the cover got all wrong again and wasreleased anyway, though neither the band nor the record-company were satisfied. Musically, however, this debut album was well-acclaimed by fans and press due to its originality and the intriguing combination of melody and aggressiveness. April 1996 "Enter the Moonlight Gate" was recorded at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg.

In October 1996, they played a tour in East Germany as headline-act, and it was a total success! When eventually released, "Enter the MoonlightGate" firmly established Lord Belial's reputation as a prime force to be reckoned with. In November 1997, a European tour with Dismember and Disfear was executed. In May 1998, Lord Belial made a ten-gig tour as headline act for Satanic Slaughter. Above all, however, immense energy was put in rehearsing and writing new material, and in August 1998, Lord Belial were ready to hit "Los Angered Recording Studio" to record their third fullength. Entitled "Unholy Crusade", this album is sixty minutes of a deep, fat growl of long withheld fury and hate.

After the release of Unholy Crusade in 1999, Lord Belial made some touring in europe, and they were growing stronger and tighter for every gig. After the tours Lord Belial started writing new material but in November 2000 the band suffered a major change when Niclas decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. Everyone thought that this was devastating for Lord Belial and that the band would brake up, but a new member that fitted right in was found only 1 week after that Niclas had left the band. The replacer is Fredrik who also used to play in Mastema together with Thomas a couple of years ago. May 25th 2001 Lord Belial was playing the "2 Heavy 4 You" Festival in Sweden, which was the first live performance with Fredrik. In September 2001 Lord Belial entered the Los Angered Recording Studio to record the upcoming album "Angelgrinder", this is really the best album from Lord Belial accordingly to both the band and the producer Andy LaRoque. Angelgrinder contains 8 songs with Angelgrinding Furious Black Metal but still with lots of atmosphere!Prepare yourself to be experienced by its hatred!!!

In November 2001 Niclas rejoined the band after 1 year of absence, and the Powerful sound of 3 Seven-stringed guitars is fucking awesome and one hell of a show can be expected as Lord Belial enters the stage to fill it with Blood, Hate and whitheld Fury!!

Lord Belial will Burn the Kingdom of Christ.