Dee Rangers - Pretty Ugly Beat (White Jazz)
Februari 2002 släpptes stockholmsbandet Dee Rangers debutalbum "So Far Out So Good" på White Jazz och fick då sanslöst bra recensioner över hela världen och jämfördes bl a med Kinks, Stones och Sonics. Tre (!) europaturnéer följde, och nu ett år senare är det dags för uppföljaren "Pretty Ugly Beat", inspelad i hypade Toe Rag Studios, producerad av Liam Watson.

Denna magiska kombination har tidigare givit världen t ex The Kills, för att inte tala om det nyligen släppta White Stripes-albumet "Elephant" där recenscenter genomgående nämnt produktionen och Toe Rags speciella sound som de viktigaste beståndsdelarna i dess storhet. När Dee Rangers som första och enda svenska band kopplar ihop sina rock'n'roll, 60's garage, beat och soulpunk-rötter (gäster i studion: Don Craine från Downliners Sect och Parsley The Lion från SolarFlares!) med den hetaste studion och den coolaste producenten i världen just nu finns det bara en sak att säga: VÄRLDSKLASS!!!

Albumet släpps självklart även på vinyl…

"Dee Rangers has got the passion, the energy, the talent and the songs necessary to do the garage rock justice." (Stefan Malmqvist, Svenska Dagbladet)

"This is killer shit. Any garage hound needs this." (The Rawk)

"Violently good garage rock. It sounds Stones, it sounds Kinks, it sounds Sonics. It sounds real dirty 60's garage rock'n'roll from the Swedish quartet Dee Rangers."

"Pure straight rock'n'roll that comes from the heart. You're served 12 tracks that quite simply rocks incredible."
(Stefan Arnesson, Propeller)

"Holy smokes, if this doesn't make you wanna get up and shake your ass I don't know what's wrong with you!"
(Facecrimson zine, May 2002)

"If you need to get hold of some great music for your weekend party, this is it. Total satisfaction guaranteed!"
(Nordic Nick, Rocket 95.3)

"These four Stockholm guys is still another wonderful alternative to sort in among the other holders of the rock'n'roll roots."
(Björn Bostrand, Länstidningen Östersund)

"If you like the taste of genuine honest rock just put your teeth to this record."
(Janne Hallman, Sundsvalls Tidning)

"It is really astonishingly fresh bearing in mind that all of it has been done before."
(Mårten Markne, Uppsala Nya Tidning)

"Beat and brain from Sweden anno 2002. That is the best description of the Dee Rangers album. A band close to my heart. And live they are a sensation
- let the Swedes come! Let my sideburns grow long." (Willem de Kort, Music Minded 02)

"Dee Rangers is masters of their genre and everybody who are into Fratrock, 60's R'n'B, Soul, Power Pop, Punk and Boogie will be enthusiastic: shake yer ass!"
(Andreas Kohl, Visions)

"One both becomes nostalgic and grow lyrical." (Jonas Bryngelsson, Hifi & Musik)

"Ferocious songs on a fierce record."
(Kim Alm, Noiro Zine)

"It oozes rock'n'roll and it's hard to sit still, it's actually really blasting."
(Jenny Övragård, hooy!)

"Dee Rangers are far from being new-coining and wants no more than to turn the clock back to the golden year of 1966."
(Nicke Boström, 101)

"A record that enters as number one."
(Rocks Musiczine)

"A delicious mix of the best rhythm & blues and sixties punk. The sound is brilliant, and forces you too turn the cover and look for the date too believe it's recorded now."
(Carlos Iglesias, Iron Skies, May 2002)

"Prominent and brilliant"
(Carlos López, La Luna del Siglo XXI)

"Totally mindblowing"

"These 12 tunes are pure and intense satisfaction providing bashers and stompers, who will surely enlighten or even ablaze in any wild weekend bar-b-Q your trying to get in shape."
(Bowy, UpYours, juni 2002)

"This is genuine, honest rock'n'roll"
(Stage, April 02)

"The 12 potentional singles are remarqable compositions, all possesing a indispensable little melody that enters the ear to stay in your head. Old
school rock n' roll on the rocks!"
(Laurent Levy, SDZ 12)

"Rip roaring feel good garage racket with a thundering growl vocal and tasty harmonica up front; like The Fleshtones on fire."
(Thrust webzine, May 2002)

"The best rhythm'n'blues infected garage-punk album in quite a while"
(Richie, Screaming Apple Records)

"The quartet delivers their 50's & 60's riffs with authencity and contagius energy."
(Michel Bilodeau, Cyberpresse)

"It is a solid effort of soulful garage rock. The songs are catchy, well played and well recorded without being too slick."
(Pop On Top)

"It must be emphasised what an extraordinary singer the band has got in Mike Eriksson. He sounds like a cave-Elvis mixed with a potent Mick Jagger who delivers like a young James Brown."
(Patrik Hamberg, dagens

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